If I Stay - Gayle Forman Have you ever walked away from a book feeling totally drained? Has a book ever touched you so much that you actually shed a tear or two? I knew that If I Stay was going to be an emotional read, but trust me when I say – you have no idea.I love the way that Gayle Forman approached this book. It’s not just an account of what is happening in the present from Mia’s point of view. It’s a journey through Mia’s history. That is what made this book so emotional for me. You weren’t just told about the loss, but you experienced it. That happened because you weren’t just introduced to Mia and her friends and family, but you lived through experiences that made Mia who she was. The beauty came from the personal glimpses you were given into her everyday life. A life that was as unique as it was normal and full of unconditional love and things that we are all guilty of taking for granted.I could keep gushing, but nothing I say could do this story justice. It is something that you need to experience. I can’t promise you that you will shed quite as many tears as I did (I think that may have been the Mom in me), but I can promise you that you will be touched by this book in some way.I currently have Where She Went on my bookshelf and I can almost guarantee that I will not wait as long to pick it up as I did If I Stay. I am going to give myself a little bit of time to recover though. *sigh*