The Wild's Call (Aspect of Crow, #0.5) - Jeri Smith-Ready Okay, it’s official. I will now just go ahead and put everything by Jeri Smith-Ready on my TBR list.Honestly, I didn’t know about any other books by this author until I started reading her Shade Series. For a lot of reasons, I really love that series. The characters, the premise, the writing even the local. It’s one of the first series that I have read that took place in an area that I grew up near. It was only part of the draw, but it was there. The point is, reading Shade, Shift and Shine made me want to read more. That’s when I found The Wild’s Call.This was a quick read but it wasn’t lacking in anything. Jeri Smith-Ready has a way of pulling you into the worlds she creates and more importantly making you feel. Although this novella is set in Baltimore, Maryland it’s not the Charmed City that people are familiar with. The story is set in a dystopian future that seems hopeless. Yet, it’s not your typical dystopian world. The main characters Elysia and Darien have hope that comes in a unique form. I absolutely love the twist that this story takes and I can’t wait to jump into the series and see what happens next. This is one prequel that served its purpose and grabbed me from start to finish and left me wanting more.