Once Burned - Jeaniene Frost Why yes readers, some things are well worth waiting for. The first book in Jeaniene Frost’s Night Prince Series definitely falls into that category. How could it not? With Vlad as the main attraction, Once Burned had no choice. Although this is Vlad’s book, it is written from Leila’s POV. I think this may have thrown some readers, at least from some of the reviews that I skimmed through that’s the impression that I’ve gotten. I had no problem with getting the story from another character. The fact that it was written from her POV helped the reader not only to get to know her a little bit better than you might have otherwise, it also leant a little extra mystery to Vlad. In the Night Huntress books, you get hints of Vlad from people who have known him forever… (quite literally for some.) Getting a fresh perspective on Vlad was interesting. Even though we’ve seen him in many of the previous books, other than knowing about his loyalty to his friends and his power there isn’t a whole lot that we know about him personally. Given that this is a series, it’s fair that by the end of Once Burned we’re still left in the dark about him to some extent.Leila’s story is heartbreaking, but her strength and what she has done with the hand she has been dealt is amazing. I really liked her a lot. She seems to be a good match for Vlad, in so many ways. The other characters that were introduced were great too. I loved Maximus and this book has made me hope that we get to see more of him in the rest of the series.As expected from this world Frost has created, there was plenty of action, mystery, tension and romance *cough* Chapter 36 *cough* (You know there always has to be at least one chapter that deserves a couple of re-reads – umm… just to make sure you read it right the first time )Vlad was perfect from the perspective he was written. He is guarded and he takes his responsibility to those he considers ‘his’ very seriously. In some ways, he was all business in Once Burned. He is honest and shielded and after hearing more of his back story, that’s totally understandable. I now understand why Vlad’s story is a series instead of just an installment of the Night Huntress World Series.Speaking of the Night Huntress World, a few of our lovable characters made a quick appearance in Once Burned. Bones was true to form. Leila’s description of him was great, even better was the fact that he knew what she was thinking. The mind reading aspect was both a curse and a blessing throughout most of the book. I’ve always thought that is not a power I would want to have. I am now positive that I don’t want it and don’t want to run into anyone who has it. *shivers*Once Burned didn’t end in a cliff hanger exactly, but you are definitely going to be wishing for the next installment once you finish. Spring 2013 can’t come soon enough. *sigh*