Relentless (Aspen, #1) - Cindy Stark This one was okay for a quick read. I liked the connection between Lily and Luke. There were definite sparks there. I liked the small town feel and the way the characters interacted. The only thing that I really didn’t like was Lily’s friend Hannah.My dislike of the scorned best friend had nothing to do with her being the ‘bad guy’ in this story. The problem was that readers weren’t given a really clear reason as to why she was the ‘bad guy’ and what caused her to act the way she did. She seemed to be full of hate for no apparent reason. Luke had spent as much time growing up in the same small town that Hannah did. They had a lot of the same friends and frequented the same places. You would think in all that time a mere rumor, based on a blatant lie would have been cleared up.Basically, if anything else, except for the scorn of Hannah, had caused Lily to fight her attraction to Luke it would have been a much more enjoyable story. *sigh*