Sherry's Wolf - Maddy Barone I really need to start paying attention when I pick up freebies. I get so caught up in the synopsis and deciding on whether or not it’s in a genre that I’m interested in that I forget to check the obvious. Like – this is actually a novella between the 3 and 4th books in a series and I haven’t read the previous books. Ugh! Well, the good news is that I got up to speed fairly quickly and I actually liked the story.This is actually a post-apocalyptic story with an interesting twist. You get that idea by the 3 numbered points in the synopsis no doubt. What the synopsis doesn’t touch on is the tenderness of this story. Sherry is not only suffering from the shock of her loss, but she’s also trying to come to terms with the fact that her life wasn’t so great before the accident. Stag was not only the text book alpha male, but he is living in time where females and children are things to be loved and cherished. He has no idea what he’s up against by his ‘wolf’ choosing Sherry as his mate.Even though I jumped into this series mid stream, it gave me just enough to peak my interest into looking into the rest of the books. I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy them as much as I enjoyed Sherry’s Wolf, but I’m definitely curious. ;)