Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun, #1) - Deanna Chase Oh these sneaky, sneaky authors. They offer us their books free on Amazon and then they get us hooked! *sigh*I picked up Haunted on Bourbon Street on a whim. I know, that’s so unlike me…. *shakes head* Honestly, the story sounded really intriguing. This is one where the description doesn’t do the book justice.I ended up really liking Haunted on Bourbon Street a lot more than I expected to. The characters were really likeable and there was just enough mystery to keep you guessing. Not to mention the romance. In short, this book pretty much had it all. Jade was a strong female character and so are the rest of the women in this story. She spent a life time hiding her ‘special’ gift. Watching as she finally accepted herself by finding people who actually accepted her was one of the best parts of this series opener.Haunted on Bourbon Street is the first in Deanna Chase’s A Jade Calhoun Novel. Book 1 came to a satisfying end, but you could tell that there is much more to the story where this group of friends is concerned. The next book in the series is Witches of Bourbon Street and from the sounds of it, things are going to get even more interesting for everyone involved.