Once Bitten, Forever Burned - Eve Langlais, Stacey Kennedy Well, this was a nice mix of vampires and werewolves. As the descriptions indicate, this is actually two novellas in one book. Although they are separate stories by two different authors, the characters are connected. It made for quite a unique reading experience.Devon’s Redemption was probably my favorite of the two. Devon and Bethany were young lovers before Devon left to go to war and never returned. Bethany ended up going through her own traumatic experience beyond thinking Devon was killed. This story is about their journey back to each other. It was also about their denial and final acceptance of what they had become. It was a total different take on the paranormal romance and I liked it.In Cruz’s Salvation, Kiara and Cruz were caught up in forbidden love. They had to fight – literally – to be together. I liked their story too, but the way they ended up finally together was almost tragic.The stories are tied together by the relationship between Cruz and Devon. They were turned vampires at the same time and had remained friends. These stories just give you a taste at both of these authors’ writing. Just enough to make me want to see what else they’ve been up to. :)