The Phantom King (The Kings, #2) - Heather Killough-Walden I’m loving Heather Killough-Walden’s The Kings Series. It may have something to do with my love of the Big Bad Wolf Series, but I think I would like it regardless.You can get the gist of the series from the description. In The Vampire King, the 13 Immortal Kings found out that each one of them was destined to find their queen. In The Phantom King, Thanatos finds that he is next in line. As usual, fate plays some nasty tricks on the destined pairing. The fact that the destined queens so far have no idea that the supernatural world exists just adds to the drama. Well, they mostly don’t know. There is something uniquely special about each one of the queens. Siobhan just happens to be a warlock.Part of what I have liked about this series so far is how Heather Killough-Walden has interwoven the lives of all these paranormal beings. In each book we have gotten a glimpse into some of the other Kings. The reader is also treated to some glimpses into characters that were first introduced in the Big Bad Wolf Series. Since I wasn’t quite ready for that series to end, I’m loving the fact that we haven’t totally said good-bye to them. Their lives are woven into the future of the Kings as well. That doesn’t mean that you have to read the Big Bad Wolf Series to appreciate The Kings Series. For me, it’s just an added bonus.I liked the pairing and the story in The Vampire King, but I think I liked the pairing of Thane and Siobhan even better. There was just something about them that seemed even more natural as a couple. I liked Thane’s vulnerability and Siobhan’s strength and determination to fight the darkness of her magic. Even so, Roman’s story is far from over and I’m looking forward to see how the drama for the rest of the Kings play out in future books.