Vampire for Christmas - Felicity E. Heaton Guilty pleasure… yep, I admit it. That was the sole reason why I finally caved and downloaded this book. Come on, with at title like Vampire for Christmas, what else would you read it for? Really? Well, leave it to Felicity Heaton to give you more than you bargained for. ;)One thing that I’ve noticed since I started tearing through Felicity Heaton’s novellas and full novels is that she has a way of bringing out the vulnerability in her characters. The vampires, demons and other immortals have aspects of themselves that they hate. They work hard to not succumb to their evil side, and Rafe is a perfect example. The fact that Shannon’s life was destroyed by a member of his race, and she is forced to work with him, makes him feel even less worthy of her love. Watching the barriers fall, even though it’s inevitable is the great part of this story. Not that the intense heat between the characters doesn’t make it totally readable too, but the intensity of the struggle and genuine affection between the two just add so much more to it.