Reckless Magic (Star-Crossed, #1) - Rachel Higginson This book has been around for over a year. A year, and I’m just finding it. How it has stayed off my radar for that long, I’m not sure. I’m just grateful that I found it. Of course, since it’s part of a series, it has added to my already too large to handle TBR list, but I’m not complaining. *sigh*Eden is mystery. To all those around her as much as she is to herself. She knows she’s different, she doesn’t realize how different. She thinks she’s doing a great job of hiding it, but she couldn’t be further from the truth. Since what she is and how she comes to discover that is a big part of the mystery of the book, I won’t go any further. Just know, if you’re planning on reading Reckless Magic, be patient. The story will get you there no matter how ridiculous you think the circumstances and ultimate journey may be. Once you’re there, you’ll appreciate it and understand.The story that Rachel Higginson weaves is full of mystery, magic and forbidden love. What better premise for a YA Paranormal book? I know I’ve said it before (probably too many times) but I was totally taken by surprise and blown away by this one. Once I picked it up and the story started to unravel, I couldn’t put it down. Yep, it’s one of those that I finished in the early morning hours and I was left wishing I had the next one to dive right into. It was that good.Luckily, I won’t have to wait long to pick up the next one. It’s available and only a click away. Reckless Magic is the first book in The Star-Crossed Series and all four are currently available. Besides that, since this book is currently a free Kindle download, what do you have to lose?