Hexed - Kevin Hearne I read Hounded during the ‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish’ Read-a-Long in March. I have to admit that I had never really looked at these books until then. Once I finished, I knew I had to continue with the series. Not only does Kevin Hearne weave an amazing tale in The Iron Druid Chronicle Series, but I have to admit, they have got to be some of the wittiest books I’ve read in a very long time. I don’t usually quote books, but for this review, I decided it was a must. You’ll find some of my favorites at the end of the review. ;)Along with the witty banter between Atticus, Oberon and some of the other characters, Hexed is not lacking in action. It pretty much doesn’t stop. It seems that once he overcomes one obstacle, there are at least 2 more waiting for him. He relies on his friends and makes some alliances that he has no choice about, but he also spends a fair amount of time trying to protect the people (including Oberon) that he is closest to. He is definitely a character to be admired. That, along with the mythology that surrounds the story has turned this into one of my favorite series.I could gush on for a lot longer, but instead, as promised, I decided to leave you with some of my favorite interactions between Atticus and his friends. Enjoy!“Leif, you spooky bastard, how the hell are ya?” I grinned widely as I braked my bike to a stop. He raised his eyebrows and peered at me down his long Nordic nose, and I realized that he was probably unused to such cavalier address.“I am not a bastard,” he replied archly. “Spooky I will grant you. And while I am well” –a corner of his mouth quirked upward a fraction–”I confess not so jocund as yourself.”“Jocund?” I raised my brows. Leif had asked me in the past to call him on behaviors that broadcast how much older he was than he looked…….“Very well, since you are the verbal acrobat who walks the tightrope of the zeitgeist, educate me. How should I have responded?”“First, get rid of ‘well.’ Nobody uses that anymore either. Now they always say, ‘I’m good.’ “Leif frowned. “But that is grammatically improper.”“These people don’t care about proper. You can tell them they’re trying to use an adjective as an adverb and they’ll just stare at you like you’re a toad.”“Their educational system has suffered serious setbacks, I see.”“Tell me about it. So what you should have said was, ‘I’m not stoked like you, Atticus, but I’m chill.’ “…..“But that’s nonsense!” Leif protested.This isn’t the entire conversation between Leif and Atticus, but you get the idea. It also isn’t the last vocabulary lesson that Leif receives, but this one takes place early in the book. As much as I loved this conversation, some of my favorites were still between Atticus and my favorite literary dog ever, Oberon.Detecting some ambivalence, I asked Oberon if he’d rather stay home than visit the witches.“Actually, a run doesn’t sound all that great right now,” he admitted. “I just had all those sausages. I think a nap would be nice. Maybe you can pop in a Clint Eastwood movie for me.”“Sure. Besides, you don’t like witches, right?”“Well, no. But neither do you. Except now you’re ready to trot over to Malina’s gingerbread house because she said so–and right after someone tried to off you, I might add. Have you thought that maybe you’re making her day here? Do you feel lucky?”“I guess I know which kind of Eastwood movie you’d like to watch.” I got Oberon set up in the living room with a Dirty Harry flick….Of course, this wasn’t the last of the enlightening and funny conversations between Atticus and Oberon. There were too many LOL moments to mention. That on top of the baseball references… trust me, you just have to read these books! As soon as I was done Hexed, I placed my order for Hammered. I can’t wait to see what happens next. ;)