Forbidden Blood - Felicity E. Heaton Honestly, Felicity Heaton isn’t the only author that I have been reading lately. Really! I just got swept up in her books, thanks to her generous freebies in the beginning of the month of April. Once I started one, I just had to pick up another. At first it was because of the quick novella reads, but then it was because of stories that she wove. Let’s just say that I am now an official Felicity Heaton fan.As promised, Forbidden Blood was a dark, intense read. Kearn wasn’t just any vampire. He was a Venator, which really made him an enforcer of vampire law. To make things even more interesting, Amber wasn’t just a potential victim, her blood was like a drug to vampires. The very thing that Kearn was bound by law to make sure vampires stayed away from. Having Kearn be totally drawn to Amber for reasons beyond her blood – which he has tasted – gives you just a taste of the intensity of this story. Wow… that pretty much sums it up.It wasn’t just the intense draw between these characters that kept the pages turning in Forbidden Heat. Amber was a victim and Kearn was broken. Perfect scenario for a paranormal romance. The twists, turns, betrayal, action and flipped alliances added to the draw of this book.Even though that this book comes to a satisfactory end, it was great to find out that this is the first in an eventual series. The next book is un-named and I have no idea who the main characters will be, but the important aspect is that there will be more. From the end I can almost guess where the story may lead, but I’ll just have to wait and see. ;)