Donovan's Angel (Donovan's of the Delta #1) - Peggy Webb I picked up Donovan’s Angel when I was greedily picking up freebies from Amazon. I know it must not seem like it, but I am actually picky about the freebies that I pick up. I read the synopsis of all of them and pick and choose. I also check out reviews from trusted readers. I don’t just grab every freebie that is offered… but I do take full advantage of them when they are available. Most of the time I’m rewarded by either finding another great author to follow or stumbling upon a really good read that I may have otherwise missed. Donovan’s Angel falls into that category. I don’t read contemporary romance much, but I’m glad I took a chance on this one. The best way to describe it is fun.The cast of characters in Donovan’s Angel were adorable. I loved Marte and her whim-some personality. Paul was so patient and determined. The members of the congregation were written so well. You could almost see how flustered they were by the hurricane of a woman that disrupted their quiet little world. I’ve only ever been a member of small, country churches and although I never encountered members quite as outspoken as this group, small church pastors are definitely under a lot of scrutiny. I can totally understand Marte’s reluctance. I don’t think that I could ever put myself in that situation. It did make for a cute premise and perfect conflict though.The way that the story unfolded was surprising and touching. The inner struggle of both characters made the reader fall in love with them even more. All in all, Donovan’s Angel was a sweet, romantic story that kept you hoping for love to win out. This wasn’t a hot steamy romance, but it wasn’t lacking in the romance department either. The balance was perfect and I will probably pick up at least one more of the books in Peggy Webb’s Donovan’s of the Delta Series.