Ascend (Trylle Trilogy, #3) - Amanda Hocking,  Jason Letts I have to admit, even though Ascend was the perfect end to the Trylle Trilogy, I was really sorry to see it end. I know that Wendy’s story is over, but I just wasn’t ready to leave the world that Amanda Hocking created in this trilogy. That may be why this isn’t the first time I’ve read this series, and I’m sure it won’t be the last.Wendy is one character that definitely showed growth in this series of books. She not only matured, but she totally grew into the role that she needed to step into. She put her friends, family and subjects before herself, yet she still managed to stay true to herself. That made her, in this reader’s opinion, the perfect heroine.The other characters in Ascend were just as intriguing as Wendy. They also grew into the individuals that they needed to become. There was just enough action, romance and mystery to keep just about any reader on the edge of their seat. One of my favorite things about the story was Wendy learning more about her history, especially about her mother. It was very touching and left not only Wendy, but the reader feeling sad, but much better about her circumstances.The hope that all of the characters are left with at the end shows a promising future. Even though I wasn’t ready for the story to end, it was a very satisfying finale.