'Til We Meet Again - Stacey Kennedy I recently discovered that I am currently in novella mode. I'm not sure I did it on purpose, but the last couple of freebie downloads that I acquired have been short and sweet. Turns out that sometimes short and sweet is perfect. In the case of 'Til We Meet Again, it would be short, sweet and hot.There wasn't much time for character development in this book, but it didn't keep you from feeling for either one of them. Cassandra's compassion for Ethan and his situation was strong. I loved Ethan's attraction to Cassandra and the 'situation' that kept him hanging around.. I'm not sure I was satisfied with the ending, but it was where the story needed to go, so I can't argue with it, but *sigh*All in all, 'Til We Meet Again was a perfect bedtime read. If you're looking for a quick, hot read, this one should fill the bill. Enjoy!