The Darkest Lie - Gena Showalter There is so much to love about this series... it just keeps getting better and better. It's not that the writing has gotten better, because Gena Showalter has drawn me into every book in the series so far. It has more to do with getting to know the Lords better with each installment. It's like another layer of them is peeled away with each book and you see who the men really are behind their demons. That could be the reason I'm plowing through this series. Every time I try to put it down I'm drawn back to the next. I'm going to go through some serious withdraw once I get to the end. *sigh*The Darkest Lie, is of course, Gideon's book. I've liked Gideon from the beginning. His 'Gideon Speak' was endearing. I loved how the other Lords and their women accepted it and how it actually drove Toren crazy. The fact that it made it impossible for him to get close to a woman made his situation heart breaking. At least with the other Lords they could explain their demons to their potential loves. Gideon couldn't do that because every word he spoke was a lie. It made it impossible for anyone to get to know him at all, until Scarlet.Scarlet's story was heartbreaking. Even more heartbreaking as her story was revealed. She was holding on to an awful lot of anger and pain from her past.Gideon just wanted to get to the truth. He had no intention of falling for Scarlet, none at all. In fact, his intention was to get her to trust him enough to get to the truth and then lock her back up. I love it when things don't go according to plan. ;)There were so many twists and turns in this one it definitely kept things interesting. You almost needed a score card! One minute you thought you knew exactly who was behind the deception and the next the players changed. That's just some of what made this one a hard book to put down.Once again, the other Lords were given face time. I'm really glad too because it helps to keep the story moving, adds to the suspense and gives you a glimpse into the way these men and their mates interact. I love that about these books. I liked seeing more of William and learning a little bit more about the mystery behind all the snark. Some pretty startling revelations come to light that I am sure are going to play a bigger part in the coming books. Besides that, he provides a fair amount of comedic relief and he is so... well... he's just William. Enough said. It's pretty much perfect that he and Anya are so close.The end of this one is the perfect set up for The Darkest Secret. Amun's story is next and it looks like it is going to be just as intense as the others. I'm sure it won't be long until the next review is gracing my page. I. Just. Can't. Stop!