Descended by Blood (Vampire Born, #1) - Angeline Kace Just so everyone is prepared going into this review…. I loved this book, therefore there will be gushing. Consider yourself warned!I picked Descended by Blood up as a free Amazon download. Honestly, I can’t turn down free, so downloading the book was a no brainer on my part. Then, as with a lot of my ‘freebies,’ I let it sit on my Kindle for a while before I opened it up and started reading it. Soon I started to see all the chatter surrounding this book. Not just from random tweets and posts, and Goodreads updates, but from bloggers and readers whose opinion I trust (and have also been known to bully me into quite a few great reads I might add.) I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about, and boy am I glad I did. This book was so much more than I expected. Wow… just wow!I went into Descended by Blood knowing that it was about vampires. Honestly, the name kinda gave it away, but I started reading it without going back to read the synopsis. I’m kind of glad that I did that because the suspense that Angeline Kane builds in the story and her characters is worth just going along for the ride… and what a ride it is. The first chapter in this book is full of action and it doesn’t slow much from there. The mystery behind the action helps to build the suspense. Trust me, every bit of suspense, every question that is posed and every bit of frustration that Brooke is faced with you will experience and it is all worth it. *sigh*The characters in Descended by Blood have depth and make you want to get to know them better. Kaitlynn, Brooke’s best friend, is worthy of her loyalty and friendship. Jaren does his best to be the perfect first boy friend, most of the time. Mirko… well, we’ll get to Mirko later. *swoon* Just know that as you read this book you will feel like you not only know but can relate to each of these characters. Kace helps you feel their pain, anger and so much more. None of the characters are perfect, but that just makes them more endearing. What’s not to love?That brings us to the bad guys and Kace has provided readers with some really, really bad ones. The kind that are easy to hate and fear. Characters you would be crazy not to fear.Yeah, this story is about vampires, but if that was all it was about I wouldn’t be rambling…. I don’t ramble for just any read. I ramble for the books that make me think and make me feel. The books that have depth and make you care. Descended by Blood does all that. At least it did for me. Brooke came to some pretty deep realizations about herself and others in her journey. They were lessons that were hard to learn but if they would have been easy they wouldn’t have meant as much. I loved watching her grow, mature and find the strength and knowledge she needed to survive. She had to make some tough decisions and grew with each one she made. Accepting herself was the first step. A great message for a YA book to portray.And then there was Mirko…. I honestly don’t want to give anything away, and I hope that I haven’t. Mirko enters the story later in the book but he pretty much steals the show from his first scene. I’m not the only reader who wasn’t impressed with him at first and I honestly didn’t know what the fuss was about when I saw all the ‘Team Mirko’ references that started popping up. I’m going to end this review with a little secret. I don’t think that I have ever intentionally picked a ‘team’ when it comes to love triangles or interests. I prefer to let the author lead me and the character in whatever direction they are pulled. Not so with Descended by Blood. Sure, I’ve had preferences before. One character that I liked a little more than the other, but this is the very first time that I can honestly say that I have a real preference and may become ‘fan girl’ over it. I am totally ‘Team Mirko’ and am proud to say it! *swoon* big time!