Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, #1) - J.L. Bryan Before I start this review, I need to make a confession. I think I might be one of the few people around who read J.L. Bryan’s Songs of Magic Series before at least starting his Paranormals Series. I’m not sure why I waited, but the good news in all of this is that it was definitely worth the wait and I can now call myself a true J.L Bryan fan. :)I picked Jenny Pox up on a Saturday and finished it before the weekend was over. Once I got into the story, it was an impossible book to put down. Jenny’s story was as heartbreaking as it was beautiful. I loved getting to know her and the other characters. Then there were the not so nice characters – trust me, there was no shortage of those either. I honestly don’t think that I’ve ever read a character that I disliked more than Asleigh.There were parts of Jenny Pox that were very hard to read. When things went bad, they went really, really bad. The cruelty that Jenny endured was really hard for me to grasp throughout the book. The lengths that Ashleigh was willing to go to reach her own personal goals was terrifying. The climax of the book took me totally by surprise. I never saw it coming. Powerful, heartbreaking and terrifying. Wow!Before you read Jenny Pox you need to realize that this is not a YA read. Even though the main characters are teens, they are older teens. The themes are very adult and the emotions are raw and intense. I can’t wait to pick up the next installment of this series. The good thing about waiting to read a series is that you don’t have to wait to read the rest of the books. Tommy Nightmare and Alexander Death are ready and waiting for me to pick up. Sometimes procrastination pays off.