Switched (Trylle Trilogy #1) - Amanda Hocking As you can probably tell by the cover graphic, I’ve had this one for a while. Switched and the Trylle Trilogy wasn’t my first introduction to Amanda Hocking and her writing. Her vampire series, My Blood Approves, was my introduction to her writing. I fell in love with her imagination and writing style with those books. Once I had read all the books she offered in that series (probably more than once) I decided to try out this series. I wasn’t disappointed.Wendy was a very interesting YA character. She had a less than perfect childhood, but she was loved seemingly unconditionally by her brother and aunt. She was strong, smart and damaged. She knew she was difficult and head strong, but she couldn’t help herself. Once Finn entered her world, nothing was ever the same. By the end of Switched, the reader isn’t sure whether that is a good thing or a bad thing and neither is Wendy.Wendy finds out that she is a Changeling. She’s told by Finn that she was switched at birth and she needs to go back to her real home. It could have been turned into a fairy tale, but that would have made the story so much less interesting.I find myself getting totally wrapped up in this story every time I read it. There is a lot going on in this book and the action and mystery doesn’t stop. Just when you think you have something or someone figured out, you learn something new that changes everything. Not only is Switched full of mystery and action, there is also romance and a fair amount of heart break. Wendy may be a princess in her mother’s kingdom, but in some ways she has less than she had before.Even though I’ve already read the trilogy (more than once) I’m still anxious to pick up Torn and continue reading. That in itself is a pretty good recommendation. One day I may pick up the trilogy in paperback with the beautiful new covers, but for now I’m content pulling them up on my Kindle when I want to revisit them. The new covers are gorgeous though and it’s nice seeing them on book shelves and knowing that more readers will be introduced to them.