Into the Shadows (Into the Shadows, #1) - Karly Kirkpatrick This isn’t the first book by Karly Kirkpatrick that I’ve read. Last year I read her YA book about vampires, Bloody Little Secrets. You would think that a book about a teenage girl who is unknowingly turned into a vampire against her will would be scarier than a girl with special powers. You would be wrong. I can honestly say that Into the Shadows is one of the scariest YA books I’ve read in a while. Let me try to explain why without giving too much away.Paivi is a typical teenage girl starting high school. She wants to fit in and not draw unwanted attention to herself. She has a tight group of friends and loving family, but she also has a pretty big secret. She has a special power that she has to keep to herself. Only her family knows about her dreams showing her the future, because they have powers too. The fact that Paivi knows about things before they happen and can’t control what she sees or stop bad things from happening would be scary enough. Kirkpatrick takes it a step farther with a whole lot of ‘what ifs.’Imagine a world where there is a whole network of people who know they are ‘special’ and they are aware of each other, but they stay away from each other so they don’t bring unwanted attention to themselves. They want to keep themselves separate and keep their powers secret so they can live normal lives and not be used or controlled. Now, here’s where the ‘what ifs’ come in. What if someone created a list of these people and the powers that each individual possessed? What if that list fell into the hands of a powerful individual who was respected? What if that powerful person twisted the truth just enough, played off people’s fears and prejudices and gained enough control that freedom turned into a privilege that only a select few possessed? That’s the scary part and it’s exactly what happens in Into the Shadows.About halfway through this book is when I knew things were going to get intense. You know it’s coming. You know that Paivi’s life is going to change forever, but until you read it, you have no idea exactly how bad it will get. The lines of good and evil are blurred. No one in the community isn’t touched by what happens. Karly Kirkpatrick did a wonderful job of making it seem so possible. Granted, there aren’t a network of individuals living in our communities with special powers, at least not that we know of. That isn’t the scary part about Into the Shadows though. Prejudice and fear is contagious and brings out the worst in people. As scary as it was, the best part about Into the Shadows is that it makes the reader think. Those ‘what ifs’ were powerful.A lot remains unanswered at the end of Into the Shadows, but since it is the first book in a series that makes sense. I will be watching for Karly Kirkpatrick’s next installment in this series, which is due to come out in the summer of 2012. Karly is one of the talented writers from DarkSide Publishing. If you haven’t checked out some of the other authors there, you really should. I haven’t been disappointed yet!