Vittorio's Mistress (Vittorio's Series #3) - Kimberley Reeves Did you ever read a book just to read it? Just because you needed a mindless diversion? Well, that’s what led me to Vittorio’s Mistress. Isn’t it also nice when one of those mindless diversions turns into a bit more than you expected?It’s no secret that I’m partial to paranormal romances. Turns out reading about an Italian male isn’t that far removed from an Alpha male. Who knew? I say that because I noticed that a few people who read this book had a problem with the demanding and almost arrogant way Dante treated Paige. He forced the relationship that he wanted on her and didn’t take no for an answer. He loved her whether he wanted to admit it or not and he was determined to have things his way. I’m guessing that this didn’t bother me because of how close that scenario is to the way an Alpha paranormal male would handle the same situation.Vittorio’s Mistress didn’t hold many surprises, it was pretty obvious how things were going to turn out. The characters may not have known, but the reader knew where the story was headed. The journey that the characters took to get to the ultimate ending made it worth the read though. There are at least two other books in this series and this isn’t the first. I haven’t read the others but I will probably pick them up eventually. In the end, Vittorio’s Mistress was exactly what I expected and maybe just a little bit more. It was a nice diversion from reality and it was worth turning pages to get to know the characters a little bit better. Sometimes that’s all you need.