Everneath - Brodi Ashton Now here’s a book that totally took me by surprise. I’ll admit that the description did hook me, and it sounded like a book that I could really get into. I really didn’t expect to get so wrapped up in it or emotionally involved in the characters. I love it when that happens!The format of Everneath is not like many books that I have read. The book is written from one POV but from different time frames. This is Nikki’s story so it is her POV that you are reading but the scenes bounce from present to past. Before you get scared off by this concept let me explain that Brodi Ashton makes this work beautifully. If the story was told consecutively, it wouldn’t have had nearly the same impact. It works, and by that I mean it works VERY well. :)There is a whole lot more going on in Everneath than just the struggle between who Nikki should chose to be with. The decision that she needs to make is much more powerful than that. That deeper, emotional story line is what made this such a great read for me. I also liked the mythological ties that are woven within the story.I don’t want to write too much here because I don’t want to give anything away. The story twists and turns from past to present and there are a lot of things that the reader doesn’t find out for sure until the end. I don’t want to spoil that experience for any of you. I will say that Everneath doesn’t necessarily end in a cliff hanger, but I am very glad that there will be another book and I will be watching for the next installment in the Everneath Series somewhat impatiently.