Maximum Witch (That Old Black Magic,  #3) - Jodi Redford Well, Jodi Redford has done it again. She’s introduced me to a shifter that I never even considered (silly me thought they were all mammals.) She gave me a brand new villain that was super easy to hate. She twisted a familiar character’s reality almost beyond recognition and managed to sneak in some really steamy scenes that made me blush – a lot. Maximum Witch was a very full book indeed.I really like the spin on shifters that Jodi has given readers in That Old Black Magic series. Mixing the worlds of shifters with witches is a great concept. Although Max isn’t Willa’s familiar the romance still worked just as well for me in Maximum Witch. Jodi’s use of mythology really made the concept real, as strange as that may seem. Maybe it’s because the myths are so familiar? When the extra elements are added it just makes it that much easier to go along with it. Who knows why it works so well, the important part is that it does.Willa and Max turned out to be a really cute couple. (Yes, the shark was cute… who knew?) Willa is totally unsure of herself because she can’t figure out why someone like Max would be interested in her and Max doesn’t consider himself worthy of her. That would make them the perfect tragic couple, right? You’ll have to pick up the book to find out. I don’t want to give anything away.There’s also plenty of action in Maximum Witch. That combined with the hot and heavy scenes make it impossible to put down. The supporting characters had depth and the POV changed between characters seamlessly. There were a couple of heart breaking moments thrown in as well so basically there was something for everyone. Well, maybe not for everyone. You’ll have to read the cute little warning above and decide for yourself. ;)If you haven’t started the That Old Black Magic series yet, check out my reviews I've posted of That Voodoo You Do and The Seven Year Witch.