Khantara: Vol 1 - Michelle Franklin Once again, I became lost in the poetic prose of Michelle Franklin. I was first introduced to her writing when I read The Commander and Den Asaan Rautu and so far, she has pleasantly surprised me with each new installment.Khantara isn’t a long read, only 108 pages in the PDF that I read from, but that didn’t make it any less enjoyable. You can get a taste of Michelle’s writing style in the experts I pulled for her tour.I really liked this introduction to Rautu’s parents. It gives you a sense of where he came from. It makes it obvious where Rautu gained his sense of loyalty given the traits that Khantara possesses in this story. The gentleness and patience that Khantara shows Anelta is beautiful. Giants aren’t normally depicted in the manner that Michelle has created them in her unique world. That in itself makes this series one worth reading.If you haven’t introduced yourself to Michelle’s writing, Khantara would be a perfect place to start with as it can easily stand alone. The fact that it gives those of us who have read The Commander and Den Asaan Rautu a glimpse into the history of Rautu makes it even more enticing.