Clockwork Prince - Cassandra Clare I’ve been putting this review off for a couple of days now. Why? Well, besides the fact that I had to recover from the emotional upset, I just don’t know if I can put into words exactly how good this book was. I had been anticipating this book since I finished Clockwork Angel. Of course I’ve had the Mortal Instruments books to keep me busy in the mean time, but there’s just something about the Infernal Devices books that have a totally different effect on me when I read them. Maybe it’s because of the time frame, maybe it’s because of the characters. Whatever the reason, out of the two series, this one still remains my favorite. Oh yeah, I was supposed to be reviewing….Tessa, Will and Jem are front and center in Clockwork Prince as they should be. I loved their story, even though it inevitably broke my heart. (Yes, there will be tears – count on it.) As promised, we find out about Will’s secrecy and more of Tessa’s background. We are shown a totally surprising side of Jem, at least it was one that I never expected. Even though I loved the story arc of these characters, I think my favorite part of Clockwork Prince was getting to know the other characters.Sophie was the background character that I think I enjoyed the most. We saw a lot more of her in Clockwork Prince and it was great. The other character that I loved getting to see more of was of course Magnus. I have a totally different image of him in the Infernal Devices than I do in the Mortal Instruments. That’s understandable since he has lived a lifetime between the two series, but it is still amazing to see how Cassandra treats him in the different surroundings. We also see more of Nate, Jessa, Gabriel, Charlotte and Henry. Gideon is also introduced along with a few other new characters. Meeting new characters and Cassandra’s continued development of familiar ones keeps everything fresh and interesting. Pair that with the descriptive details, continued mystery and the emotions that are brought front and center on almost every page, it’s no wonder that this book is so hard to put down.I could continue gushing, but I’m afraid if I do I will give something away and I don’t want to do that. Clockwork Prince is something that each reader needs to experience for themselves. As far as Will, Jem and Tessa are concerned? I still haven’t picked a ‘team.’ I don’t think I’ll ever be able to chose between the two and I won’t be disappointed in Tessa’s (or Cassandra’s) choice when it’s finally made either. It’s kind of hard walking away from this one feeling like one choice is better than the other, at least it was for me. Let’s just say it’s not a decision that I would want to make. How much longer until Clockwork Princess?