The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa Did you know that The Iron Fey series was meant to be a Trilogy? You do know that means that the books would have ended with The Iron Queen. Meghan Chase's story arc was over, she was Iron Queen, end of story. Thank goodness Ash got to have the last word!Iron King takes up where Iron Queen left off, leaving Ash to find a way to fulfill his promise to Meghan and give them their 'happily ever after.' Not a simple task when you're dealing with the Nevernever, where nothing is as it seems and for every victory there is another obstacle. Also not very easy when there are so many internal battles that need to be settled.Kagawa took this story through so many unexpected twists and turns that I found myself holding my breath at times waiting for the next twist to undo everything Ash was working toward. We learned a lot about Ash in The Iron King. Some things that were very hard for him to remember and for us to hear, but they needed to be brought out. Without that knowledge no one would have known the true Ash, including himself. He wasn't the only one that Kagawa helped us to know better. Puck came full circle in The Iron Knight as well. He grew as a character and became so much more than the prankster of the Summer Court. He was still his snarky, reckless self and he still reminded Ash regularly that he was only there to make sure he didn't screw up. What fun would a serious Puck be?Yes, Iron Knight was sad at times. Ash had to face things he didn't want to face and some things he never expected to face again. He fought an internal battle, but never gave up even when it would have been so easy to turn away. The journey he took in Iron Knight made him worthy in my mind of whatever decision he made and inevitably the journey took him to the only place it could.I had put off reading Iron Knight because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to these characters. After reading it, I'm still not ready to leave them behind, but Kagawa did a great job of bringing all the characters where they needed to be. I'm sure this is a series that I will go back to more than once.