The Iron Queen - Julie Kagawa I’m not exactly sure what I expected from this series, or why it took me so long to start reading it, but I am so glad that I did. Kagawa’s descriptive writing and flowing style keep the reader entranced and by the time you are halfway through, you feel like you are in Nevernever.Iron Queen takes up where Iron Daughter left off. Meghan and Ash have been exiled and they are fully prepared to live among mortals. They both know things won’t be perfect, but since they can’t return to Nevernever, they really have no choice. Funny how things can totally turn around isn’t it? Especially when you have Kagawa’s imagination pulling the strings.There are a lot of twists and turns in Iron Queen. A lot of our favorite characters are back, secrets are revealed and once again strange allegiances are formed. Through it all the characters come to terms with and face things that make each of them grow. Meghan and Ash’s love for one another survives, despite how hard they try to protect each other. (That may seem like a strange statement, but it will make sense once you read the book.) Despite how much Meghan has grown, she still has a lot to learn, especially when it comes to the Fey. Ash loves Meghan with all he has even though he doesn’t feel worthy. Grimalkin is as mysterious and aggravating as ever. Puck continues to prove himself a true friend despite himself and his actions. The royalty of the Summer and Winter courts are as stubborn and unyielding as ever even as they attempt to work together. There is a lot going on in this book and a lot of surprises that make it well worth the read.Ash was my weakness in this book. Meghan’s love for him was strong, but she had doubts. Not doubts about her love for him, mainly doubts about how to make their love work because they were so different. Ash’s love for Meghan was almost painful. A lot of Ash’s background and internal struggles are revealed in Iron Queen. As painful as they were to experience, they gave his character depth and helped the reader understand him so much more. So yes, just in case you are wondering, there were tears. I’m just glad that Iron Knight is close by and if you’re smart, you’ll make sure you have it on hand before you read Iron Queen. I haven’t started the next book yet, but that’s mainly because I know it’s the last and I’m not quite ready to leave Nevernever behind yet.