The Iron Daughter - Julie Kagawa Iron Daughter starts about where Iron King left off. There is a short story in between Iron King and Iron Daughter (Winter’s Passage) which covers some of the travel time between Meghan’s home and the Winter Prince’s. It is a very short story and worth the read, but you won’t be totally lost if you go straight to Iron Daughter.The world created by Kagawa in the Iron Fey series is so easy to get lost in. I love her descriptions of not only the characters but everything about Nevernever. Her detail even makes you look at the “real world” differently when the characters pass through it. It really makes you wonder what you don’t see lurking in the shadows and hiding under the bed. :)Meghan spent a lot of time in Iron Daughter emotionally crushed, but it didn’t defeat her. I think that’s what I like about her. She wants to crumble and not fight the pain, but she gets past all of it because of her sense of responsibility. Even given the option of taking the easy way out, she turns it down to do what is right. She fought for what she believed in and the people she loved. The reader had no choice but to be thrown into the emotional turmoil right along with Meghan. Yes, there were tears. ;( (I know a lot of you must think I’m a wimp after the past few books I reviewed, but I get caught up in these stories, what can I say?)Beyond Meghan, there are a lot of strong characters in this series. Some new faces, strange allies and familiar characters round out the story nicely. There were times that I wanted to smack the grin off Grim’s face – when he decided to show it. I love Puck and his sense of humor. One of the things that I really like about his character is the distinction in his voice. Ash and the rest of the Fey have an almost formal voice. Puck’s voice is more modern, like Meghan’s. It makes it obvious how much time he spent away from the Nevernever to be with Meghan. To me it is a detail that adds a lot to the story. Ash practically broke my heart in this one. So much was out of his control. I spent a lot of time being both angry with him and wanting to hug him at the same time.Iron Daughter has just as much mystery and action as Iron King. Meghan learns a lot about herself and the Fey world, but thankfully, she has a lot more to experience and learn. I’ll be picking up Iron Queen soon and because I’m a smart procrastinator, I don’t have to wait to read Iron Knight. I might take my time though. ;)