Changeless - Gail Carriger Honestly, I read this book knowing that people complained about the story line. The ending was also in question, but since I already had Blameless I wasn’t too worried. As I was reading the book, I kept thinking to myself “why would anyone complain about this book?” As far as I could tell, Alexia was still her comical, witty self. Lord Maccon was still his charming, grumbly wolfish self. The supporting characters were just as flamboyant and flighty as ever. What was not to love? Then it hit me – wham!This reader, however, is not complaining. Sure, there were a few strange and disturbing turn of events, but that just makes me want to read Blameless more and soon! Very sneaky of Ms. Carriger if I do say so myself.I can’t remember a book or series of books that has made me laugh out loud more than The Parasol Protectorate has. Alexia’s inner dialogue is almost as comical as her rants and tirades toward her associates and loved ones. With Alexia, no one is immune, including her loving husband. Ivy’s obliviousness, Alexia’s family’s brashness along with all the other personalities thrown in make this book just fun. There is no other description that comes close to explaining it. I will admit that the ending crushed me, just a little, but I have no doubt that things will turn around for the characters in question. Just in case though, I’m starting Blameless as soon as possible. I was planning on saving it for Bout-of-Books, but I decided I just can’t wait. If you read Soulless and liked it, start Changeless with an open mind, just make sure that you have Blameless close by. You can thank me later.