Nightshade: Book 1 - Andrea Cremer Nightshade was a roller coaster of a read for me. Mainly because of Calla. At first I was really irritated by her back and forth emotions between Ren and Shay, but the more I got to know her through Andrea’s writing, the more I realized that there was really no other way for her to react.Calla lived in a world that was pre-destined. She had no worries about her future, but no say in it either. Being an alpha female in her world meant that she belonged to her alpha male and no one else. Everyone in her world knew that so there was never any temptation to stray from that destiny. She was frustrated by the double standards between the alpha male and the alpha female, but she was determined to follow the rules because of the responsibility that she had to her pack and ‘family.’ Kind of admirable for a teenager.Meeting Shay blew that all away. He made her see for the first time that her ‘perfect world’ may not be as perfect as she once thought. One really great reason to love Shay. :) Not that he didn’t irritate me a little too. He was supposed to though. Because he was irritating me, meant that he was also irritating Calla and she was the one who needed the push. She was meant to be stronger than her destiny so she could attempt to change it and Shay was the catalyst.Nighthshade had a lot of twists and turns and the last few chapters kept you on the edge of your seat. The good guys and bad guys changed places frequently, which is a good thing. I like books when they aren’t predictable. Of course there were some things that I did figure out before the characters, but I think it was supposed to be obvious to the reader so you could get mad at the characters for being blind to the obvious. After all, if they would have seen it coming, the book would have ended a lot sooner and without the climax that was nail biting.I will give you fair warning. If you don’t like books with love triangles, this one will drive you insane. Calla is very confused and torn between Shay and Ren. In a normal world, the decision still wouldn’t be simple, but it wouldn’t be a matter between freedom and predetermined destiny. Because of that, I can forgive Calla. I also know that most people who have read this series have picked one of the boys over the other. I can’t do that yet. I think that there is more to Ren than anyone knows, even the people who have known him all his live. His world has been torn upside down too so a lot of changes are in store for him as well.The other thing that you need to know before starting Nightshade is that you should consider having Wolfsbane on hand. Trust me, as cliffhangers go, you will want to know what happens next.