Shade (Shade, #1) - Jeri Smith-Ready Shade was an emotional read, but a really good one. I should have expected it. I mean the book is about teenage love that ends in death. There had to be tears, right? Well unless you are totally unemotional, there will be tears. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’ll move on with the review.I loved the concept of the Shade. Jeri brought a unique twist on life after death and people interacting with ghosts. Most books and movies that have interaction between the living and dead are limited to only one or a few characters. Jeri’s version enables an entire generation to speak to and see ghosts. I can’t imagine what a world like that would be like. The implications are mind boggling and Shade touches on a few of them.Jeri did a great job of making the reader feel the confusion and pain that everyone was feeling. No one was immune. The grieving process is bad enough, but when closure keeps getting delayed because the one you lost is still there is heart breaking – hence the tears. I felt sorry for Logan, but I really wanted Aura to have a chance to move on. I got really mad at her aunt Gail at times but I saw how she was a guardian in protection mode so I couldn’t really blame her for her reaction. I loved Zachary’s patience and understanding with Aura, which was almost too good to be true. As far as the rest of the adults, it’s kind of hard to wrap your head around how an older generation would feel and react when they were dependent on the younger generation for knowledge that they would never really have. Then there was the mystery of Zachary and Aura’s existence to begin with. I guess you can tell I really, really liked this book. Sorry, I just tend to ramble and gush when I find a book that totally wraps me up in its characters.On a side note, this book took place in Baltimore. That may not mean as much to anyone else, but I grew up really close to Baltimore County. Jeri used the area and a lot of great landmarks to bring the story even more alive for me. A lot of the landmarks are some of my favorite and unique spots to visit. The city is full of history and magic and Jeri managed to let the characters visit some of the best.If you haven’t read Shade yet, you’re missing out on a really great and different kind of ghost story. At least it’s different than any I’ve read before. I really want to read Shift, but since the next book doesn’t come out until May 2012, I might hold off a little while before I start it. Then again, the ending of Shade along with the first chapter of Shift might just push me to suffer through the 6 month wait for the next book.