Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost Here’s another series that for some reason I held off on starting. Not sure why I find the need to hesitate when it comes to starting a new series. Really, what do I have to lose? If I don’t like the first book, I don’t have to continue so why pause? I honestly have no idea. I love paranormal romance of any kind, but vampires are my weakness. It isn’t just because I am following the craze that seems to surround the undead lately. I’ve been in love with vampires since even before Interview With a Vampire. Maybe I peaked at Dark Shadows too many times when I was a kid and no one thought I was looking. Who knows, but regardless of when my obsession started, the point is I’m hooked and there is no turning back. Which brings us to Halfway to the Grave with Cat and Bones. Cat is the perfect heroine. She is vulnerable, but not weak. She is innocent, but not prudish. But most of all, she is loyal to those that she loves to a fault. Even when she doesn’t want to admit that she loves them. And then there is Bones. I’m not sure exactly how to sum him up. He was so sure of himself and his love of Cat that it was heartbreaking to see how much she fought it. He was romantic, loyal, sensitive, damaged (a very important character trait among the undead), beautiful and more human than most of the humans that considered him a monster. The banter between Cat and Bones was priceless. Even the nonverbal banter that Cat had with herself was great. Cat’s coming to terms with her feelings and what she thought Bones’ feelings were gave the reader a great insight into her character. Frost brought both of their feelings to the surface in so many ways you were laughing one minute and teary the next. Just a warning, the end of this one will make you want to make sure you have the 2nd book in the series close at hand.Come to think of it, the one good thing about waiting to start a series until it is established is that you don’t have to wait on the next book. It would be awful to think that I had to wait to find out what happens to Cat and Bones after coming to the end of Halfway to the Grave. Hmmm... maybe I did put some fore thought into this waiting game after all.