Forever - Maggie Stiefvater This is going to prove to be one of the hardest reviews that I have ever written. I know that I am probably exaggerating, but it is a hard one. When I like a book I tend to gush, when I gush I find it hard not to give too much away, which means that you will have to bear with me.Linger left us with Grace & Sam having a very uncertain future. As expected, Forever opened with their roles and lives being totally reversed. This simple fact gave the reader a whole new perspective into the lives of all the main characters. For this reader, it was a wonderful experience.As with all the other books in this trilogy, Maggie gave each of the main characters a voice. For me, it also gave them depth. I loved getting inside the heads of Sam, Grace, Isabel and Cole. It really made the story so much more, well everything.There were really no surprises from Grace and Sam. They were in love from the beginning and that love never faltered. The growth and depth of that love was wonderful to experience though. I think what I enjoyed most though was the glimpses into both Cole and Isabel. On the surface they were shallow characters but when you got inside their heads, with Maggie’s help, you actually got to experience their pain and felt it right along with them. As painful as it was some times, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of it. Throughout Forever there are insights into all the characters that help you understand where they are coming from and how they got to be who they are. It was a wonderful ride.There are a few surprises yet some of the characters are once again predictable in their cruelty. Some allies are gained that are very welcome but extremely unexpected. Grace’s parents still made me mad and (surprise, surprise) Isabel’s dad made me furious.While reading Forever I knew it was the end for the wolves of Mercy Falls. I knew that when I read the last page it would be a final goodbye to Grace and Sam. Regardless, I could follow them (and whoever else is left – I’m not telling) into wherever fate leads them next. I’m sure I’m not the only reader who could see that there is definitely more to the story, but I’m willing to believe it’s over and we are left to out imagination to wonder what happens next. :)