Impossible (The Inevitable Trilogy #2) - Jason Letts Impossible starts where Inevitable left off. Everything that Nathan, Cammie and Apoxy fought to change in Inevitable seems to have been for nothing in the end. Or does it? Nathan has resigned himself to his fate, but Cammie and Apoxy have a different plan and won’t give up without fighting whether Nathan wants them to or not.I think what I liked most about this trilogy is that is different than any other paranormal series that I have read. The concept is unique enough that it is very fresh. No vampires, shifters, ghosts, zombies or aliens but Apoxy is definitely not of this world. The story that Jason weaves with Apoxy, Nathan, Cammie and even Eve keeps getting more and more intricate and by the time you get to Incredible you are ready to believe that almost anything is possible and that fate isn’t necessarily unchangeable.You won’t want to start reading this trilogy without having all three on hand and since one flows right into the other without a break there is no lost time between the books. The Inevitable trilogy is a sweet, unique love story that is worth getting lost in.