Lover Avenged - J.R. Ward You gotta love an author who can take a character that seems to have been created for you to hate and distrust and then totally make you fall in love with them. That is exactly what JR Ward has done with Rehvenge in Lover Avenged. He is the character who has been bad to the bone since he was introduced. Not only him, but his colleagues. Sure he had his good moments, and you knew that he loved his family and was loyal to his friends beyond words, but there was always a part of him that you never really trusted. That love and trust doesn't come easy though and there are a lot of twists and turns that bring you to that point, but you would have to be totally heartless not to fall in love with him and his selflessness by the end of this book. Trust me, there were times when I couldn't put the book down, but knew I had to in order to keep it together. There weren't many characters in this one that were immune to some kind of pain. Rehvenge and Ehlena were the main focus of Lover Avenged, but the story arcs in this one didn't give you a chance to catch your breath. JR Ward is an author who loves to torture her already tormented characters and you as the reader are taken along for the ride - ready or not. Since I read Dark Lover I've wanted more from Wrath and Beth in the books that followed but I never got quite enough. For some reason the expression "be careful what you wish for" comes to mind. Tohr, Z, John, Qhuinn, Blay and all the others aren't left out either. They all get their fair share of heart wrenching moments as well. All I can say is thank goodness for Lassiter. If it weren't for his comic relief, well let's just say, it was welcomed. Lover Avenged is well worth the read, and it is a must read if you have read the other BDB books. I might have to take a little break before I start the next one, but trust me, it won't be a long break.