Covet - J.R. Ward Okay, I’ll admit this from the start. I am totally in love with the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. I was a little leery of starting the Fallen Angel series because I didn’t think it could compare and I had read mixed reviews. Of course, I almost didn’t read Dark Lover because of mixed reviews. (See, there goes that reading reviews and almost missing a good thing again – really, someone needs to remind me of this on a daily basis it seems.) Honestly I think that I have finally learned my lesson.The first advice I would like to give to anyone who wants to read this series is to start with the Black Dagger series. Trust me, it’s great advice. There are cross over characters in this book along with references to characters and locations that bring you into the story a lot faster than if you started with this series fresh. The main female character, Marie-Terese, is a minor character in the BDB series. There are also some other characters mentioned or seen, namely Rhev, Tres and even Phury. It’s not essential that you know who these characters are, but it’s kind of fun to see who is going to pop into the story next. It just makes it more familiar that way.It’s evident that these books are going to deal with a lot more supernatural elements than the BDB books. Not that vampires and lessers aren’t supernatural, but once you read Covet, you’ll totally understand. The bad guys in this book were really, really bad and the good guys had a tough, not so nice edge to them as well. They are definitely not what you expect when you think “angel,” fallen or not. Plus, there was a lot of comedic banter going on between a lot of the characters that added enough levity to the bad stuff that you weren’t totally crushed by it.I have Crave ready and waiting. I know that once the angels leave Caldwell that my BDB boys will be left behind as well. That’s okay though because now I’m committed enough to Jim and his side kicks to want to follow them for a while on their own.