Misfit - Jon Skovron Misfit's main character Jael, has known since she was 8 that her deceased mother was a demon. It's not until she turns 16 that she learns the rest of the story.It has been just her and her dad for as long as she can remember. She doesn't have many friends because they moved so much she didn't have time to make any lasting ties. Besides that, most of the moves were made at a moments notice. Her dad is a good father, but not exactly a loving one. He doesn't talk about her mother and Jael has learned not to ask any questions. On her 16th birthday, her father gives her a gift that changes everything. I really did like this book. It is a great story and has a super mythological and religious basis. Jael's character is totally believable and the supporting characters are great also. Having the back story of her father and mother help tie everything together and give you a better understanding of why her father is the way he is and having Jael be able to "see" this back story helps her grow as a character as well. As a side note, and a totally personal observation. Jael's Uncle Dagon is my absolute favorite character. His comedic relief is a perfect compliment to all the intense drama playing out throughout the story.As much as I like this book, there were a couple of things that I feel like need to be mentioned. Nothing bad and nothing that keeps this from being a story well worth reading, honest. First, there are quite a few grammatical errors. I'm a stickler for these, so I really try not to be too critical. I just thought that it was worth mentioning. To be fair, my copy was a sample from a bookstore, which was not a final copy so some of the errors that I noticed may have been fixed by the time it went to press. The only other problem I had was the tense went back and forth from present to past. Not just in the flash back scenes, but throughout the story. It isn't a huge deal, it just makes reading it a little distracting at times. Other than those minor details, Misfits was a wonderfully unique tale that was well worth the read.The only other thing that needs to be said isn't a criticism, just a warning. This is a YA book, but there are several very graphic and violent scenes in this book. They add to the story and I can see why the author wrote them. It just makes this book more suited for older, or more mature YAs. I hope that this isn't the last we see of Jael and her friends and family. The door is left wide open for this story to continue and I hope that it does. There is much more to Jael's adventures and so much more of her history to learn about. Hopefully there is a sequel in the future.