Oubliette - Megg Jensen So Oubliette took me a little longer to read than Anathema. It had nothing to do with the story, I think I was just trying to make it last longer. Megg's second installment of the Cloud Profit trilogy starts off exactly where the last book ended. The action never ebbs and you become wrapped up in Reychel's world immediately. There are so many twists and turns in Oubliette that it is hard to keep up. Poor Reychel has no idea who she can depend on and the list of people she can actually trust sometimes changes hourly. There are quite a few new characters and also a few from Anathema and all of them have their share of either secrets or surprises to contend with.Reychel has to learn how to harness her power and to deal with the power of others. She also has to find out the secrets of the last Cloud Profit in time to reveal her own prophesy. Basically she has her hands full in this book. I honestly love the world and concept that Megg has created. I can't wait for Severed to be released. If you enjoyed Anathema, you will want to read Oubliette.