The Hunt (The Big Bad Wolf #4) - Heather Killough-Walden I have read all of the BBW series and have fallen in love with the world that Heather has created for her wolves and other super natural beings.The strength of the characters, the pain, doubt and tribulations that they have to endure make the characters real and most of them carry on from book to book. Each one centers around a specific couple, but since the wolves make up one large family you get little tidbits from each of the previous couples which tie into the current story nicely.Although each story has the same basic premise, (how will the alpha male claim his mate?) the journey that the individual couples go through to obtain that goal is what makes each story unique.The Hunt is one of my favorites so far. I suppose it may have been because of all the extra internal battles that were going on between everyone involved. Byron and Kat had more obstacles than any other couple in the BBW series. They both had very tortured and tormented souls. Not that the other couples hadn't been through a lot, but the fact that Kat actually thought that her pain and suffering had been caused by Byron made you wonder from the beginning how they could ever get past it.It was nice to see all the twists, turns and surprises that Heather had in store for all the previous characters in The Hunt. I also love the way she has of making you actually love a character that you never thought you would want to. There are a lot of Wow! moments in this one and yes, the steamy scenes are there as well, but they are added bits of spice, not the central theme of the story - they are worth waiting for though :) There are also heart wrenching moments along with comical ones that take you by surprise. This one was a hard one for me to put down. I kept thinking that I would read one more chapter and when I got through that one I couldn't stop.These books aren't for everyone, but those of us who have grown to love these characters will not be disappointed in The Hunt and are already waiting for the next installment.