The Book of Lost Souls (Ivy MacTavish, #1) - Michelle Muto Michelle Muto's Book of Lost Souls was a great YA read for many reasons. There may be some parents who turn this book down for their YA to read simply because the main characters are witches, demons, vampires, werewolves, and other super natural beings, but that would be a unfortunate mistake. The main focus and lesson of this story depends on none of these things.Ivy is a typical teenage girl. She is crazy about a boy who seems to not know that she even exists. She has very loyal friends who she is very loyal to in return. She makes some very serious mistakes and takes some wrong turns along the way, but she learns from them and they make her stronger and a better person in the end. Who couldn't benefit from a story like this one?Michelle brings this all together in a wonderful way. Ivy is a very passionate young woman who has had a hard time coming to terms with the fact that her dad is gone. Because of the circumstances behind his leaving Ivy and her mother, she also has a hard time trusting anyone who seems remotely like him. There is also the fear that she is just like him, which is a fear shared by others throughout her childhood. Basically it is the love and support of her friends that help Ivy overcome these fears, and help her to move beyond them.There was enough action, suspense, budding romance and mystery in this story to please just about everyone. The mythology of all of the supernatural beings involved fit with the characters in the story flawlessly.In closing, I must confess that I did win this book and didn't purchase it. It was, however, a book that I had been following and intended to purchase regardless. At the price that it is currently offered at Amazon, it might as well be free and is well worth the dollar amount for the experience.I am very happy that Michelle intends to continue Ivy's story. There are many places that the characters can go from where The Book of Lost Souls left off.If you are looking for a story with strong characters, a great life lesson, with a little humor, mystery, action and magic mixed in, The Book of Lost Souls will not disappoint.