Anything for You (Coming Home, #2.5) - Jessica Scott I love reading novellas. They’re perfect for a quick late night read or a ‘in between’ book when you’re not quite ready to dig into another novel. They can be stand alone short stories or introductions to series, but I think my favorite type of novella is one that lets readers revisit characters that they have already been introduced to. That’s exactly what Jessica Scott treats readers to in Anything for You.Jen and Shane were featured in the first book in Scott’s Coming Home series, Because of You. I loved this couple. Because of You was an intense read and even painful at times, but it was real and honest. Even though they still had a lot to overcome by the end, there still was hope that their love would win out. Revisiting them in Anything for You was just as real. They still had struggles to overcome and the fears that they each had in the first book didn’t just melt away because of their love for each other. The novella stayed just as true to the characters as their book did and I loved that.Reading Anything for You made me want to start reading the series all over again. A few of the supporting characters from the series made appearances, but since this was just a novella the main focus was on Jen and Shane. That was enough though. As short as this story was, a lot was packed into those pages. If you haven’t started this series yet, you need to pick it up. It’s a great glimpse into not only military life but relationships in general. I’ve said before that there’s no fluff or sugar coating to this series, it’s intense and real. There are no easy answers, no perfect solutions and no guarantees, just enough love and respect between two people to take a chance and sometimes that’s all you need.