The Shadow of Mudflap (Foxtrot Team, #1) - Christi Snow,  M.F.  Smith I received The Shadow of Mudflap in exchange for a fair and honest review. 4 1/2 Star Review It didn’t surprise me at all that I finished this one in practically one sitting – and not just because it was fairly short. (150-200 pages is not a long book for me.) It’s basically because Christi Snow’s books always demand to be read from start to finish. They tend to grab you from the beginning and don’t let go. The Shadow of Mudflap was definitely not an exception.Mudflap was the first to be introduced and it was an intense introduction. Life or death as a matter of fact. Those opening scenes pretty much set the pace for this book. They also gave readers a pretty good sense of Mudflap’s personality. He was loyal, heroic and he couldn’t accept failure – especially when lives were at stake. Pretty much the personality traits of most first responders.I liked Shanae from the beginning too. She was strong, brave, independent and pulled no punches. She also possessed the perfect combination of intelligence and wit. I understood her reluctance to fall for Mudflap, but from the time they met readers knew it was inevitable. Sparks flew between them from the start and didn’t let up.This was a story full of intrigue, danger, interesting characters, loyalty, humor and plenty of smexy – the usual balance in a Christi Snow read. I loved the twists and turns. (Incidentally, this author has also turned Texas into a very dangerous and interesting place.) It kept the pages turning and left me wanting more. *sigh* About my only complaint with The Shadow of Mudflap is that I have to wait until August of 2014 for the next installment in the Foxtrot Team series. I have no doubt that Mudflap Undercover will be well worth the wait.