Undeniable Magnetism - Bonnie Dee I was told that I was really going to like this one, and I wasn’t disappointed. This was the first book by Bonnie Dee that I’ve picked up and I’m sure it won’t be the last.This couple was fun to get to know. I think the best way to describe them would be real. Neither one of them were perfect… not by a long shot. They each had their moments, but they got over them. I liked way Jay handled his family issues. He took everything head on. Sometimes he went a little overboard and pushed a little too hard, but he knew what he wanted and he stood up for those he loved. He could have easily been shut out of his family but he wouldn’t let them and I really liked that about him. (His mom was my favorite by the way.)Simon handled things in the exact opposite way. Watching his transformation with Jay was fun. It was no surprise that he would crumble, but the way he did and the eventual steps he took to ‘come out’ were a lot more daring than I ever expected from him. Yep, these two men changed a lot from the time Simon first walked into Jay’s bar until the end of the story and those around them changed a lot too.Nothing was easy. Everything wasn’t tied up nice and neat at the end. But I liked where everyone ended up. The epilogue was perfect and even though it was obvious that there story is over, it would still be fun to see where Jay and Simon end up a few years from now. Wishful thinking I know, but I love it when a book like this makes me want more. I won my copy of Undeniable Magnetism from J9 @ The Book Vixen.