Ghost Of A Chance - Caridad Piñeiro More like 3 1/2. Short and sweet is pretty much the best way to describe this one. The characters were likable. There was just enough mystery to keep things interesting and there was just a little bit of heat thrown into the mix. I liked the ghost aspect and considering it was only about 100 pages it moved really fast. Perfect for a late night read. My only real complaint and the only thing that kept me from giving this a solid 4 star review was the fact that it was so short. I know, novellas are meant to be short and sweet, but there was so much more that I wanted to know. What we saw of the characters was great but I liked them, so I wanted to get to know them even better. *sigh*This is the second book that I’ve read by Caridad Piñeiro and I really like her writing style and her characters so I’m sure I’ll be picking up another book by her really soon. This one teased me just enough to remind me.