Bluestone Homecoming - M.J. Fredrick Bluestone Homecoming is another Contemporary Romance that I decided to take a chance on. It was a quick read for me and the characters drew me in fairly quickly.Neither Leo or Trinity were the people they seemed on the surface. They both had ‘ghosts’ in their past that kept them from totally opening up to one another. The pain that they were both dealing with ended up being the force that brought them together. A lot of emotional issues are covered in this one. Adoption, grief, the struggles of a single parent, just to name a few. Through all that though there was still some lightness and humor thrown into the mix.Although CR books aren’t my g0-to, the supporting characters in this one are enough of a draw to make me want to follow this series. Welcome to Bluestone has some interesting characters and the small tourist town setting and the sense of community within it are appealing as well. Bluestone turned into a nice place to escape and I’m looking forward to a return trip.