Underworld Lover (Guardian Angel #2) - Sharon  Hamilton I really liked this story, and I loved the characters. I think I might have liked it better if I had read the first Guardian Angel (Heavenly Lover) before I picked this one up. It didn't keep me from getting into the story, but it would have given me more back story and it probably would have helped me understand some of the characters a little better. The only other issue I had with Underworld Lover was that at times it seemed a little disjointed. Some things were repeated and at least once characters were introduced to characters that they were already introduced to. It just threw me a little. In all fairness, I may come back to this one after I've picked up Heavenly Angel so my rating isn't written in stone. It's just where my head is right now with Underworld Lover. ;) I received Underworld Lover as a free download from Amazon on September 23, 2012.