Vampire, Vampire - Heather Killough-Walden Vampire, Vampire is a book that contains two totally different vampire stories by Heather Killough-Walden. They aren’t connected in any way, including the eras that they take place. The mythology and characters that are involved in these stories give readers an idea of the scope and imagination of the author.Thorn and Grace is the first story featured in Vampire, Vampire. It is the ‘sweeter’ of the two stories, but it doesn’t lack in romance or danger. This historical PNR is an emotional roller coaster. Thorn spends over a century trying to find the love of his life after she leaves him for no apparent reason. The story takes many twists and turns. Grace spends those years apart from Thorn on her own mission. This is pretty much an edge-of-your seat read that is long enough to be satisfying but not so long that you have no problem not putting it down until you’re finished. Although the story comes to a surprising and satisfying end, I’d love to get more from these characters.Relentless: The Patrick Sinclaire Story is a modern tale. If you’ve read any of Heather Killough-Walden’s previous works you’re familiar with her ability to muddy the waters between good and evil. There are characters in her Big Bad Wolf Series that I loathed when they were introduced and later in the series I ended up loving. That’s the way of the alpha male. They are ruthless, relentless and fierce, yet with those they care about those same qualities are what make them so loyal. This pretty much sums up Patrick. His desperation in claiming what he is afraid to lose brings out traits in him that terrify his would be queen, yet continue to draw her to him. The entire story is written from the POV of the female who was thrown into a world she knew nothing about until she met Patrick and his sisters. That in itself made reading it even more intense.Of the two books, Relentless is definitely the most erotic, though neither one are lacking in the romance department. They are both intense and graphic and not for the faint of heart…. or for those who blush easily. If, however, you are a fan of true alpha males that tend cross the thin line between good and evil… Enjoy!