Out of the Dark - Jennifer Blake I think that historical romance may be growing on me. I was never a huge fan, but the more I read, the more I actually like. Out of the Dark is one of the books that is helping to change my mind.Anne-Marie is a strong woman who doesn’t seem to care what others think about her ‘strangeness.’ Maybe that’s the mind set that kept me from liking historical fiction to begin with. Women living in this era are supposed to be seen and not heard. They are treated as trophies and not allowed to be their own person, at least not in public. And they certainly aren’t supposed to be able to tame a wild panther with something sinister in their personality. Those kinds of things could get a woman shunned. Funny, those are the kinds of things that made me like her as a character. They’re also what drew Lucien to her.Lucien was also misunderstood. He wasn’t at all what he appeared to be, at least on the surface. There was much more to him than the duelist with a lethal reputation.Out of the Dark was a short, sweet historical romance that was a nice fast read and just a little bit of heat. Perfect for a quick summer read.