Baby Steps (Special Enforcers) - Kallysten This probably will come as no surprise to anyone, but I've found yet another vampire to swoon over. Although Joseph can't take the place of my beloved BDB boys or my favorite Night Huntress vamps, he has earned a place in my literary heart. There's just something about a big bad vamp that can be turned into a sentimental fool by the love of his life that makes me sigh. Throw an adorable baby into the mix that has him wrapped around her tiny little finger and... well, you get the picture.This is another one of those series that I jumped into before realizing it wasn't the first book. Nothing like jumping in on the 5th book in a series, but honestly, I don't think that it mattered. Joseph and Alexandra's story was fine without the back story of the books that came before it. Their history was explained and anything that came before it I didn't miss. In other words, it worked fine as a stand alone read.This book went back and forth between Alexandra and Joseph's POV. I only mention that because some readers have a problem with POVs that switch. I personally like it. There were times when scenes were repeated immediately, but for me it worked. It was especially helpful in the beginning of the book when the two were separated. I liked knowing that each of them was suffering without the other. Even though for most of the book they not only denied it from each other, but from themselves.The other characters in this story were just as interesting as Alexandra and Joseph. They played well off of each other and they all grew as characters and family as the story progressed. I liked getting to know them all and it was fun realizing the fact that they knew more about what Alexandra and Joseph felt than the couple did themselves.If anything bothered me about the story it was the ultimate torture that these two put themselves through. They couldn't see how much they meant to each other because they spent so much time protecting themselves from being hurt. It took forever for them to finally get past it and then they almost blew it again. It's a good thing I liked the characters so much or I might have given up on them. In the end though, I got it. It wouldn't have meant nearly as much if their HEA would have happened any sooner than it did. It didn't make it any less painful to watch though. *sigh*There were things that I wished would have happened and different turns that I wanted it to take, but I learned a long time ago to trust an author to take the story where the characters need it to go. I ended up really liking the journey. As a bonus, I gained a new vampire to swoon over. Perfect!