Not His Kiss to Take

Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe Okay, not at all what I expected, but not in a bad way. This is one of those books that totally catches you off guard, at least it was for me. In the beginning I wasn’t sure how I felt about the whole relationship. I found myself having the same doubts that Evan had, but once he voiced them, I realized that those doubts were unfounded.The thing is, once I got to know both characters all that initial hesitation went away. Evan fought his feelings for Jamie to the point that he felt guilty about what he thought he was doing to him – emotionally. Jamie was a wreck over what had happened to him and was expecting Evan to treat him the way everyone else did… like he didn’t matter. The whole scenario was heartbreaking.Beyond all the emotional stuff… and there was a lot of emotional stuff, the personalities of both these characters were priceless. Evan was sure of himself and knew what he wanted. He didn’t hide it, but regardless of what he thought about himself, he didn’t force it either. His ‘cockiness’ was the perfect balance to Jamie’s stubbornness. There was a constant spark between these two and I loved it. They were smart, witty and the banter that bounced between the two of them was hilarious. I’m not sure that Jamie used the same pet name for Evan twice in a row – and none of them were endearing.This was a book of acceptance, enlightenment and coming of age all rolled into one. It was also a perfect balance of romance, heartbreak and fun. It’s not for the squeamish though. There’s a fair amount of violence and some fairly graphic moments, so consider yourself warned.